September 24, 2014


just a normal saturday chilling around in cwb
had a taste of this cute ice-cream
they actually put dry ice underneath the ice-cream to create the "smoky flame" on top
quite interesting huh
and at last an ootd with a touch of minimalism (sort of)

August 23, 2014

My Belated Birthday Post

my 21st, no caption needed

A Day in Ma Wan

A lot of nice and quiet sites could be found in our small and busy hometown- Hong Kong and here's one!

Visited Ma Wan the week before, which is a peaceful outlying island with a superb view of the impressive Tsing Ma Bridge
There's a nice park where you could walk around, and the newly (not really) built Noah's Ark!
There are also quite a few of nice restaurants along the beach so you can enjoy dinner by the gorgeous view
I've had a great dinner at a German restaurant 'Oma's Kitchen'
If you're visting HK or staying in HK you should better check them out :)x

August 04, 2014


paid a visit to macau last week
no casinos no gambling just chillin' and sightseeing (underage problem)
but it's really fun, it all depends on who you go with right?
had some local good food such as pork buns and portuguese egg tarts


this is where we had super delicious portuguese egg tarts

with my forever posing twin 

part 2 summer vlog coming up soon!
stay tuned x

July 06, 2014


gingham hairband: aland/ tee: local boutique/ shorts: hnm/ shoes: keds 

July 01, 2014


the weather is fine and the sky is ultra clear today
as you can see, the victoria harbour looks really gorgeous and it defo adds colour to my ootd
paired one of my fav pattered collar dress with my quirky eyes socks together

dress: mango / socks: monki/ bag: topshop/ shoes: topshop/ sunglasses: asos